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About Pulver

We have started powder coating production in 1988, and we have been carrying on our operations under the name Pulver since 1991. Having embarked on the powder coating journey to touch and color the lives of customers, we maintain our global activities as Turkey's largest and Europe's second-largest powder coating manufacturer. We make a difference in the powder coating industry of Turkey, which is Europe's leading manufacturer and importer of powder coatings. Thanks to our global export network, we deliver our quality and environment-friendly surface coating solutions to Russia, North Africa, the Middle East, and Turkic republics as well as Europe.


We have played an important role in expanding the industry volume since our establishment. We continue our production by building up strength on a day-to-day basis. At Pulver, we meet about 30% of Turkey's powder coating production while exporting 50% of our total production to 40 countries. We have ranked first as Turkey's top coating exporter for many years now.

We manufacture for various industries as one of the most sought-after brands in electrostatic powder coatings. Our product range consists of general industrial powder coatings, white goods, automotive, and architectural powder coatings. We offer a wide range of products and colors to all our customers.

We attach importance to technical infrastructure and high performance as well as quality, versatility, and sustainable production. As an industry-leading brand, we closely follow technology developments and offer high-quality surface coating solutions thanks to our innovative studies in our R&D laboratories. Besides, we value aesthetic appearance and provide the preferred coating colors in our wide product range by keeping track of the color trends.

It is notably important for us to fully meet the demands of our customers. Accordingly, we design the desired colors, texture, and surface effects tailored to the needs of our customers in addition to standard production.

We attach importance to customer satisfaction producing fast and sustainable solutions with our pre-sale and after-sales expert technical service. Today, we serve as a sought-after company in the powder coating industry with our strong sales network for our customers located in different countries particularly Turkey and Europe.

On this path to color life, we beautify products with surface coating solutions in compliance with international standards and continue our work to fulfill your requests.


We were established under the name Solvent Üretim


We decided to carry on our activities under the name Pulver


We obtained the Qualicoat - Class 1 certificate and started exporting to three continents.


We received the ISO 9001 certificate


We moved our production to our new factory in Gebze, Kocaeli


Our sales exceeded 10,000 tons


We received a WRAS approval


We obtained the Qualicoat - Class 2 certificate


We received the GSB certificate


Our sales exceeded 20,000 tons


We received the GSB Master certificate


We obtained the ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificate


We obtained the KTW certification